A Taste of Africa | Safari & Tour Kenya | 19 Days

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Tour Overview

  • Exploring the diverse city of Nairobi and surrounds including a heart-melting visit to a  baby elephant orphanage.
  • 3 day African safari to Lake Naivasha, with a boat trip out on the lake for a memorable close encounter with hippos and possibly pink flamingos.
  • 3 day safari into the world famous Masai Mara. This includes game  driving in the savanna, in search of the “BIG 5” – leopard, elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino and staying in a tented camp in the fabulous Masai Mara,  where wild animals roam freely.
  • 4 day excursion to experience Kenya’s beautiful Indian Ocean coast, where you can rest and relax on a white sandy palm-tree fringed beach, swim in the crystal clear aqua sea, jump on board a fishing trip or take a glass-bottom boat ride out to a white sandy reef.
  • Back to Nairobi for final day and celebratory group dinner. This is our final evening meal together, so we make the most of it. We get to sit back, ​relax, and enjoy all that Nairobi has to offer.

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“All your local guides are marvellous people, and excellent staff at our accommodation” Colin, September 2018

“The most amazing trip I have ever done in my life” Yvonne, September 2018

the locatedTour Facts ​

  • Length of Tour:  19 Days
  • Cost: From $5,900 pp NZD – share twin.  Note:  Price excludes flights, transfers, visas, and insurance however we can happily assist you with these.
  • Type of Tour: More of an upmarket tour. Just two days of low end glamping; remainder is in cottages & houses.
  • Size of Tour:  8 people plus your Tour Guide, Denise Carnihan
  • Arrive & Depart:  From Nairobi, Kenya

Accommodation & Food

  • While in Nairobi: staying in a lovely house in a leafy suburb on the outskirts of Nairobi; shared rooms.  (12 nights).
  • Staying at a lovely authentic African camp situated on the edge of beautiful Lake Naivasha; shared rooms. (2 nights).
  • Staying in a tented camp in the fabulous Masai Mara, low-end glamping style , complete with ensuite bathroom.  (2 nights).
  • Staying in a lovely private property at gorgeous Diani Beach (3 nights).
  • Meals included as part of the tour price: Most breakfasts, some lunches, and most evening meals.​

Tour Dates

  • 2020: 5th June – 23rd June;  27th June – 15th July; 

“It’s hard to find the words to describe this amazing Kenya trip” Pam, February 2018

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Exploring the Diverse City of Nairobi and Surrounds

We begin our tour experiencing a true taste of what Nairobi has to offer.  This includes:

  • Visiting our School Tamariki Educational Centre
  • Exploring the diverse city of Nairobi and surrounds
  • Trawling local handcraft markets for shopping
  • Visiting David Sheldrick’s baby elephant orphanage
  • Visiting Karen Blixen’s coffee farm
  • Visiting and supporting community enterprise projects Kazuri Beads, and Akamba Woodcarvers
  • Experiencing afternoon tea on a sustainable organic animal and vegetable farm and a traditional Kenyan tribal dance concert.
  • Full details below…

Visiting Our School

You will visit our gorgeous school Tamariki Education Centre in a slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, where you will be interacting with our beautiful kids, staff and community. So that you get to enjoy the wonder of what our school is all about, we visit our school for a full day.

The school is set up for kids and their families who come from poor backgrounds, some orphaned and some affected by critical health matters.

You do not need to be a trained teacher either, this isn’t about teaching! The volunteer work is to help and support the school by way of interaction, assisting teachers, maybe teaching a class on a topic you are familiar with, or helping with activities and projects that you may wish to bring along with you, or simply just playing with the kids. The wonderful Director/Headmaster will also assist in this area. Of course, if you have your own specific project that you would prefer tundertake, that is fabulous!

Visiting David Sheldrick’s Baby Elephant Orphanage

There are very many conservation projects set up in Kenya to protect the country’s prolific wildlife, but one of the most fantastic projects is David Sheldrick’s Baby Elephant Orphanage, situated on the edge of Nairobi National Park.

David Sheldricks was set up as a rescue centre for orphaned babies, often whose mothers have died from tragic circumstances, or babies have fallen down wells and so the babies are left to struggle for survival on their own, out on the savannah.

The main aim of the project is to assist the baby’s rehabilitation, which can take many years, so they can survive back in the wild.   Because of the importance of very little interaction with humans, the centre is open for 1 hour per day only, during a feeding time.  Here we’ll get to see the babies, touch them, watch them being fed and marvel at their mischievous antics.

Trawling Local Handcraft Markets for Shopping

Nairobi has the most amazing, colourful, vibrant craft markets and there is always a bargain to be had.  Part of your African experience is to mix, mingle and interact with the locals, and there is nowhere quite so perfect as the markets to have a laugh and a chat with all the stall holders who are desperate to make a sale.

Akamba Woodcarvers

A woodcarving cooperative set up in Nairobi where carvers from the creative, artistic Akamba tribe come together to carve chunks of wood into exquisite statues, figurines, utensils and so much more.  We get a fascinating insight into just how much time, effort, and skill goes into these crafts that we often take for granted.  Watching them work is literally mind-boggling.

Kazuru Beads

This involves a project setup for single mums back in the 70s, which is now a thriving industry employing over 350 women.  Meet these fabulous women and watch them create beautiful porcelain beads from the raw clay material and turn them into stunning items of jewellery and crafts which are exported right around the world.

Visiting Karen Blixen’s Coffee Farm

Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her role in this movie about Karen Blixen called “Out Of Africa”.

Afternoon Tea with a Delightful Order of Nuns

We pop in for afternoon tea with the delightful order of nuns who operate a fantastic sustainable organic animal and vegetable farm in Nairobi.  Their knowledge and expertise is quite something.

Experience a Traditional Kenyan Tribal Dance Concert

We participate and watch a traditional Kenyan tribal dance concert

Hanging out with the Locals

One of the best ways to really get to know a country and its culture is by interacting with the local people.    On this tour you will be doing exactly that.   The Kenyan people are beautiful; they are happy, friendly and full of fun.   You will get to meet and socialise with many of my local friends on this tour.

Your Accommodation in Nairobi | 15 nights

You stay in a lovely house, in a leafy suburb on the outskirts of Nairobi.  One of the big focus points of my tours is that we live like locals as much as possible.  This means we don’t stay in hotels.   For this tour, we stay in a beautiful rented house in the leafy suburb of Karen, in a gated, guarded compound.

The house is large, with plenty of communal living space; we share rooms, and lots of areas.  If you’re looking for some quiet time, relax on the beautifully manicured lawn with a glass of wine and a book.   At the end of our busy sightseeing day, it’s our ‘haven’ to come back to.

3 Day Safari into the World Famous Masai Mara

It’s all about experiencing up-close and personal encounters with Africa’s finest wildlife
This includes…

Game driving in the savanna, in search of the “BIG 5” – leopard, elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino.

Interacting with the Masai tribal community.

Experiencing the exhilaration of staying in a tented camp in the fabulous Mara, where wild animals roam freely.

Accommodation:  We rough it a bit by staying in ‘permanent tents’ as part of the camp area.  It’s similar to low end glamping style.  An ensuite is provided with each tent; each tent sleeps 2 or 3 persons.

3 Day African Safari to Stunning Lake Naivasha

It’s all about spotting wildlife in its’ natural habitat

Taking a small boat trip out on to Lake Naivasha for a close encounter with hippos and hopefully some pink flamingos.

Cycling safari through Hell’s Gate National Park, nestled in the Great Rift Valley, for game viewing, and to take in the magnificent natural beauty of this geo-thermal area.

Exploring the volcanic region, including a 50 metre descent down onto an ancient canyon floor.

Accommodation: We stay in cottages at a lovely tranquil lake front camp

The Grand Finale | Staying on Kenya’s Beautiful Indian Ocean Coast

3 days Experiencing Kenya’s Ocean Coast | Diani Beach

We take a 1 hour flight to arrive at Kenya’s Indian Ocean Coast.  It is time to kick back and relax.

This includes…

Lazing on the snow white sandy palm-tree fringed beach and swimming in the crystal clear aqua sea

Taking a glass-bottom boat ride out to a white sandy reef

Snorkelling and other water sports (at extra cost)

​​Interacting with the locals

Indulging in a great deal of “R n R” around the pool

Accommodation:  We stay in a house on a gorgeous, gated and private property.

Then we return back to Nairobi for a final group dinner!

Your Tour Accommodation & Safari Experience

House in Karen
Outskirts of Nairobi

Individual Cottages
Lake Naivasha

Permanent Tents
Masai Mara

Our Safari Vehicles
Masai Mara Game Driving

Sound amazing?

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