Africa Tour and Safari Reviews

“Too many highlights to single out”

Amazing authentic tour. We saw the real Kenya. Too many highlights to single out, but for me the boat trip on Lake Olodien (near Lake Naivasha) was fantastic. Bird life to die for! And of course the hot air balloon ride over the Maasai Mara. And the Great Migration. And the view of the Great Rift Valley. And the visit to Tamariki Education Centre. I could go on! Thanks to Chris, Denise, Tony, Johnston and everyone else we met. A great experience

“I under-estimated the how much the true beauty of Kenya, its People and Culture would affect me”

Absolutely amazing! From the moment of making the decision to go, to arriving home I felt so supported and informed every step of the way. The whole experience was a life changing experience helped along by supportive and knowledgeable hosts/guides. I went to Kenya with the knowledge that I would thoroughly enjoy going on safaris and experiencing Kenya as a tourist, but I underestimated how much the true beauty of Kenya, its People and Culture would affect me, this was a surreal experience that has nourished my soul

Denise your passion for Kenya and its People was one of the true highlights of the Trip! You are an amazing hostess and I pity the next tour guide I get as I will be holding them to your high standards. Tony’s Dedication to the School and his guests’ needs was awe inspiring and Johnsons Knowledge and laid-back demeanor really made safari such a relaxing cruisy experience.  – Bj Parker June, 2019

“The most amazing trip I have ever done in my life”

The most amazing trip I have ever done in my life.  Such a variety of experiences and didn’t have to fight through lots of tourists.   Felt so safe and well looked after.  I’m saving to go back! – Yvonne, September 2018

“We were so well looked  after and never ever felt unsafe”

A well organised and varied experience. We were so well looked after and never ever felt unsafe. A memorable experience with an insight into different facets of African life. Would totally recommend this trip to anyone wanting to visit Africa. Thank you so much Denise, it still seems surreal and we will talk of this for a very long time. – Ann & Paul, September 2018


“Best adventure/experience of my life!”

It was brilliant – couldn’t have asked for better! Definitely value-for-money! It was as if this was the first time Denise and all her crew had taken a group to experience ‘their Africa’ (we felt so special) – thank you for gathering us up, welcoming us and making us part of your families and community.

Best adventure/experience of my life! Thank you so much Denise, Tony and all the team for looking after us, for your friendship, concern for our safety and for giving us the best experiences. Such a special time, I will treasure these memories for the rest of my life xx – Cathrine, June 2018

“It’s hard to find the words to describe this amazing Kenya trip”

“WOW!  It’s hard to find the words to describe this amazing Kenya trip. Firstly: The Tamariki School children are adorable, fun and very happy kids. Tony you are doing such a fine job, they are so lucky to have you.  There are so many highs, from the school, to the elephant orphanage, the markets, the people and of course the huge highlight, The Maasai Mara and our balloon trip, incredible!   Denise you are a great tour guide always making sure we were all ok, I was so nervous about the trip as I was going by myself without the hubby however your guidance and planning was awesome.  I would like to thank you very much for making it such an enjoyable and educational trip.  Finally, of course I couldn’t of wished for a better bunch of ladies to tour with” – Pam, February 2018

“The itinerary was diverse and action packed”

I’m so pleased to have participated in Helping Hand African Tours & Safaris.  The itinerary was diverse and action packed. Highlights were being able to meet and interact with the kids and teachers at Tamariki Education Centre, the excitement of seeing the ‘BIG 5’ on safari and the balloon ride over Maasai Mara.   Thank you Denise and team for ensuring a safe and enjoyable time was had by all” – Aimee, February 2018

“It was amazing from start to finish and I could do it all over again”

For me the trip was well beyond a mark of 5 and more like 10+. It was amazing from start to finish and I could do it all over again. Cameron was great at keeping me informed and had all the info I needed and your itinerary Denise and information updates were great. I referred to the info stuff a lot.  The experience will always be something I will cherish and OMG I did that balloon ride – NEVER thought I would but I did and have to say it has been one of the best things ever and did it all with a fantastic bunch of ladies.  When anyone goes on a trip like this you always expect that unexpected and just roll with it – Diani for example – power cut – haha but hey – as Dee says – This is Africa. Thank goodness for the POOL.  I can’t say enough about the trip and soooo glad I did it and look forward to a few more with you Dee and hopefully the other lovely ladies who did the trip as well” – Kathy, February 2018

“ I cannot thank Denise enough for the experience she provided in the amazing Africa”

“I cannot thank Denise enough for the experience she provided in the amazing Africa! The relationships and bonds she has formed with locals to provide her travellers with the best possible holiday definitely made it all the more worthwhile” – Emilee, September 2017

“Helping Hand Africa Tours have given me the most incredible grass roots tour”

“From the beginning to the end, Helping Hand Africa Tours have given me the most incredible grass roots tour through Kenya; from the craziness that is Nairobi City, the stunning Maasai Mara plains, to Mombasa on the Indian Ocean Coast, the people, the food, the children all have gotten under my skin and I love it. Thank you Denise xx”. – Michelle, September 2017

“Without you we wouldn’t have experienced such an amazing Kenya”

“ We have just experienced 3 of the most amazing weeks in Kenya, travelling with Denise and Tony our guides from Helping Hand Africa Tours and Johnston our safari guide from Barefoots Barefoots and such a wonderful fun group of people. Meeting the children from Tamariki education centre was just magical they are such beautiful, caring, happy children and they are so lucky to be in such a wonderful school environment under the guidance of Tony and the teachers. The safari trip to Mara with Johnston was incredible the animals, the Great Migration it was an unbelievable sight. Thank you to everyone especially Denise Carnihan without you we wouldn’t have experienced such an amazing Kenya” – Patrika, June 2017

“met some amazing people, had incredible experiences”

“Kenya is breathtaking, the children are wonderful and Denise is amazing! You won’t regret volunteering and experiencing Africa with Denise, I had the time of my life, met some amazing people, had incredible experiences and can’t wait to do it all again one day.” – Cheryl

“Great trip”

“Great trip love and wonderful to be back in Kenya with you” – Maureen, February 2017

​“We would not have experienced so much of Africa in any other trip”

“Well!!! So much ticked off my bucket list – hot air balloon, safari on the Mara, Nairobi City, wood carvers, markets galore, local cuisine – more than I could have expected but with Denise’s tours you see the true way of life from the adorable “Tamariki” school children to our wonderful tour guides Tony and Johnson and their families – life time friends. And of course Kalimbo’s bargaining lessons! Denise you did a great job. We would not have experienced so much of Africa in any other trip” – Lorraine, June 2017

“Denise your organisation was top notch with nothing left to chance..”

I really enjoyed the trip and we had such a great group. Denise your organisation was top notch with nothing left to chance and a real commitment to making sure everyone was included, having a great time and safe 100% of the time.

Tony and Johnson were excellent additions to the trip and helped make it a real authentic Kenyan experience and also added to the feeling of safety. Nothing was a problem for either of them and we felt very welcomed by them. Evans and Sophia were awesome to share our holiday with and again helped make this such a great experience.

The things we saw on safari, the experiences we had on the balloon trip and sight seeing in Nairobi, the beautiful children at Tamariki Education Centre – the whole thing was amazing and hard to believe. We did such a diverse range of things and felt like we really got a good idea of day-to-day life in Kenya.

Thanks for making our Kenyan experience so memorable – Angela, July 2019


“The local people who supported the tour were excellent”

I loved everything about this trip. I enjoyed the mix of getting to know something of the real lives of people in Kenya, plus the history, wildlife and nature. The local people in Kenya that supported the tour were excellent.  They were knowlegable and kind. Tony, Johnson, Joseph, and all the staff and teachers at Tamariki School. I would also add the cooks, cleaners and watchmen to this list of people whose work I valued, which helped make the tour so good. So, Denise keep on doing what you are doing. The personal touch that allowed us to meet up before the tour was incredibly appreciated, as well as your quick responses to any questions. I could not have been happier with my experience with Helping Hands Africa Tours and Safaris. – Anne, September 2018


“All your local guides are marvellous people, and excellent staff at our accommodation”

Tremendous!  Marvellous range of experiences!   Excellent local guides, and great company for a “Tusker” ?  I appreciated the opportunities to visit Tamariki Educational Centre as well as the orphanage.   All your local guides you work with Denise are marvellous people and we had excellent staff at our accommodation. – Colin, September 2018

“If you can go on this trip do it”

Most amazing, life changing trip. Thank you Denise and Tony and everyone we met along the way in beautiful Kenya. From experiencing cheaters, elephants and errr hippos up close, to the beautiful school you have built for the kids! Never in my life have I seen such happy faces going to school every day! If you can go on this trip do it – Denise will cater for all groups (I’m 30 and was on a tour with mainly 60+ year olds) and never was a dull moment! Xx – Caitlin, June 2018

“We saw lots of the real Africa”

An amazing experience – never to be forgotten. We saw lots of the real Africa – Kenya both rural and city life as well as touristy stuff, all the big four animals plus lots more. We also felt that we were helping to make a small difference to the lives of Kenyan children by our support of Tamariki EDC. We met lots of lovely people and cute kids. All power to you and your support people, Denise! Long may the tours continue! Asante sana! – Donna & John, July 2018

“The itinerary was perfect”

The itinerary was perfect – a nice variety of things to do and see – interesting places and people. The added things like the film evenings helped give a perspective of life in Africa.

A great trip and great value for money.  Plenty to do, we were well looked after, kept informed and I felt safe all the time I was in Africa. As I have said before – that was largely because of you and your care of us. I thoroughly enjoyed your company Denise – Eleanor, July 2018

“One of the major highlights of my life”

So glad I took the plunge and came. Exceeded all my expectations. Loved the experience and thought it was fantastic value for the money.  The fact that it was also a wonderful mother/daughter experience was an amazing bonus.

Thanks so much for the opportunity. One of the major highlights of my life to date and I didn’t even know that Africa was on my wish list! – Diane, June 2018


“I loved the Grass Roots approach of the tour, and talked non-stop about it since”

“The tour to Kenya went above and beyond any expectations I could have imagined. I loved the Grass Roots approach of the tour, and talked non-stop about it since. We met some many amazing locals and experienced so many amazing things. Thank you to, Dee, Tony, Johnson and all the other amazing people that made my trip A TRIP OF A LIFE TIME. And you just have to do the Hot Air Baloon ride over the Mara, incredible!” – Fae, February 2018


Exceeded my expectations in every way”

“Exceeded my expectations in every way, would do it again in a heart beat” xx – Jordan, September 2017

​“The sights, sounds and people of Kenya are beautiful”

“Absolutely bloody amazing!  Recommend it! I’ve been telling anyone who will listen to check out Helping Hand Africa Tours as I have many friends who want to make a difference and are interested in eco-tourism, wanting to volunteer with children.  They also want to see Africa from something other than a resort and this is the perfect tour.  The sights, sounds and people of Kenya are beautiful. The school, Tony, the teachers and the beautiful children will forever stay in my memory and I feel blessed to have contributed to their lives in some way.  Denise you are a true inspiration. Thank you. xx – Kristi, September 2017

“I treasure this adventure”

“The big white teeth, smiles on the children, to go with the freedom, wild and beauty with no expectations…  I treasure this adventure”   – Vinnie, July 2017

“An awesome experience”

“If anyone wants to experience a taste of Africa, this is the tour to take … an awesome experience” – Brian, June 2017

“This trip had everything I could ever have dreamed of, and heaps more” 

“Truly a most amazing experience of Kenyan life.  The trip gave us a wonderful taster of how life in general is in and around Nairobi – the city, the slums, the coast, the culture, cuisine, customs and people the biggest highlights.  This trip had everything I could ever have dreamed of, and heaps more” – Trish, June 2017

“the most amazing adventure” 

“Anyone looking to do a trip to Africa with a mix of activities should definitely talk to Denise Carnihan…. you will have the most amazing adventure” – Jenny, August 2017

“a truly wonderful time in Kenya”

“I really did have a truly wonderful time in Kenya.  It’s has been on my list to visit for quite a while but I was always a bit wary of how to go about a trip there.  I have never done a group tour before and when you said you were doing a “low-cost, grass roots, local Africa adventure” I jumped at the chance.” – Catherine, February 2017

“Excellent value” 

“Loved it!  Excellent value” – Wendy, February 2017

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