Greetings, and welcome to my new blog.  I’m excited to share stories of my “African journey” and I’ll try and keep this updated every couple of weeks so you can get to know a little about me, my love of Africa and just how my small group tours were born.   You’ll also be able to keep up with my Helping Hand Africa tours and adventures too

So … I thought I’d kick off my blog by talking about my Helping Hand Africa tours, which really came about as a natural follow-on from my recently published book,  I Share My Heart With Africa  www.isharemyheartwithafrica.com/

Firstly, I am extremely excited about my 3 week package tours – for very many reasons.  I’m excited at the thought of introducing others to “my other home” Kenya.  I’m excited about the exposure our school Tamariki Learning Centre in Kenya www.tamarikischoolkenya.com/ will gain by having regular visitors.  I’m excited that so many local people will benefit, it’s very important to me to include many of my own Kenyan friends; who live below the poverty line.  I’m excited to offer people a “taste of Africa” grass-roots, local style, (the only way to experience Africa as far as I’m concerned) and I’m excited to be able to keep the costs down as much as possible to make it a very affordable adventure.

So – how did it all evolve?   One evening, over a glass of wine and a beer, I was chatting with my hubby Chris about my book; where it had taken me in such a very short time – with awesome book sales, speaking engagements around New Zealand, and meeting extraordinary people along the way.   We wondered where it may lead to next.

The idea of me taking small group tours to Africa “popped up” in the conversation, and the more the conversation evolved, the more real the idea seemed, and the more excited I became about it.

I decided firstly to put a simple post out on Face Book to my friends.  This was used as a gauge really – I wanted to know first of all, if anyone would actually be interested.  Within 48 hours, I had a rapidly growing database of 50+ super-excited registrants mostly expressing their great desire of having always wanted to go to Africa, go on safari, perhaps participate in some voluntary work, etc.. but didn’t know how to go about it, or didn’t have the courage to step out of their safe zone and onto the soil of a developing country, in Africa.  It was right at this point I realised I had tapped into something…

Tune in to the next instalment –   “we can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”

Till next time –
“Kwaheri” – Denise